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How have clients experienced the training?

In each presentation it is essential to focus on your audience. What do they experience during your presentation? This is just as important during our training courses. The participants are judge and jury. (It is their verdict which determines the succes of the training. Below you can read what our clients think of our training courses.

“My message comes across with more power.”

The difference is noticeable. I now present with much more composure and self-confidence. The training has helped me to have a clear focus in my presentation.

Ron de Vaan, Senior Consultant Rembrandt Corporate Finance

“The individual coaching has helped enormously.”

The coaching is very good. In a one to one setting, we looked at my goals. This improved my presentations and has helped my own development enormously.

Marlijn Steffes, Sales Representative Medtronic

“The training course is well structured. There’s a good balance between theory and practise.”

Arjen ZwinkelsController, ViaViela

”I learnt so much more than I expected. You apply what you learn straight away, very dynamic and keeps the attention.”

Monique van der Meijden, Registeraccountant, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

“Your presentation training of 4 years ago, still helps me every week.”

Norbert Romeijn, Head of regional procurement & supply chain management, Halliburton

“In this training I have managed to overcome my fear.”

I have had a fear of speaking for a very long time. After doing the training course I have overcome this fear.

Wouter Kindt, Consultant interim management & executive search FinanceFactor

“The training course exceeded my expectations.”

The quality of the training course far exceeded my expectations. I have received many new insights and many useful tips, both on how to prepare a presentation as well as on how to give a presentation.

Renate van der Meer, Senior consultant Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames

Become enthusiastic

Do you want to become as enthusiastic as our clients, who have given the above testimonials. Do you also wish to overcome your fear of presenting? Or are you not afraid, but simply wish to become an excellent speaker?

Register for our training or turn to us for one to one presentation coaching.

After each training we ask participants to evaluate us.

We are enormously proud to able to say that in the past 25 years we have helped more that 1000 participants to improve their presentation skills. We are even more proud of the fact that the average mark that participants have given us amounts to an A+ (9+).


In the past 25 years we have given presentation training courses to many clients. A small selection:

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