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Options for your you

There are two alternatives. If you participate in an open training course you have the advantage of practising with a group. Alternatively you may wish to give your full attention to one specific presentation on a 1 on 1 basis with a coach.

Presentation techniques that really work

It is possible you have read books about presenting or used google to find tips about presentations. You can find plenty of information. It is quite a hot topic.

Unfortunately you can’t learn how to present by reading books or websites. It is like playing tennis, you can read a hundred books and analyze all the top players on TV, but unless you go onto the court yourself and practise, you won’t be winning Wimbledon any time soon (nor the local competition.)

Presenting is about skills. Do you want your team to improve their presentation skills? Then it is important that they don’t only learn the theory, but also that they make their flying hours. Getting in front of the group and practising repeatedly. At the same time, it is important that there is an expert at their side, supporting them and telling them what works for them, what makes them present in a better and more effective way.

In short: if you wish to present in a better way, then only the combination of training and practise can make this happen.

Why should you choose for us?

The presentation training course for which you can register, lasts three days. After the training course you will have mastered all the techniques that are necessary to become a great speaker. The theory learnt will be applied from the very first day and afterwards you will practise extensively.

Individual coaching during the training

Our training is unique because the participants are not only assisted by a trainer but also a coach.

“What makes the training courses at LaVi communication so unique? Each day of training you will receive an individual coaching session of approximately 30 minutes.”

The personal presentation coaching, that you receive every day is not an unnecessary luxury, it is the secret which will make a professional speaker out of you in only a few days.

“The training course exceeded my expectations.”

The quality of this training course exceeded my expectations. I have been given new insights and many practical tips both for preparing a presentation as well as the presentation itself.

Renate van der MeerSenior consultant Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames

Do you know what you are looking for already?

The training course ‘Giving convincing and effective presentations’

Non verbal communication

In this 3 day training course we focus amongst others on the non verbal communication. However interesting your content may be, if the body language is not congruent with the content, the message will not come across. That is confronting, but good to become aware of. After 3 days you will know how to use your non verbal communication to be more convincing.

Furthermore time is spent on learning how to prepare a presentation. We will determine what it is you wish to achieve, what is your goal?

A powerful opening and ending

The icing on the cake is the fact that we help you with a powerful beginning and ending of your presentation. As a flying start and a powerful ending will lift your presentation to a higher level.


Having a well structured presentation is of huge importance. This is not only pleasant for your audience but also for you as a speaker.

We help you to be more convincing by applying a clear structure as well as making good use of PowerPoint.

Analysis of the audience

And we will investigate the following question: how can you make sure that your carefully selected content stikes a chord with your audience.

A mistake which is often made by presenters is that they send a lot of information, without wondering how it is received by the audience. After this 3 day training course you will not make that mistake, because you will be equipped with a new method for future presentations.

The use of PowerPoint

During the training we pay attention to the use of PowerPoint. If PowerPoint is used in an effective way, it can be of added value in your presentation. It can even reinforce the content of your presentation. Unfortunately what we see only too often is that the PowerPoint in fact diminishes the power of the message.

Interaction with your audience

And of course there is the question and answer session. Interaction with your audience. For some this is the most relaxed part of the presentation for the others the most daunting. After all, what are they going to ask? Do you know all the answers? How can you make sure that you are in charge and can keep control of the situation.

We teach you to preside over the question and answer session. Because we are convinced that only a good question and answer session and the right interaction will strengthen your presentation. This can make all the difference.

Practical matters

We work with groups of minimum 6 people and maximum 10 people. This way we can garantee enough interaction from the audience and ample of attention for you. There are many opportunities to practise in front of the group and a daily session with your personal coach.

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4, 25 and 26 November 2019

18 May and 8 and 9 June 2020

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Individual coaching

Preparing and practising 1 to 1 for your presentation

Sometimes you get the chance to give a presentation and everything depends on it. That one presentation that needs to be 100% spot on! You don’t want to leave anything to chance. If this is your case, choose for individual coaching.

Je beste presentatie ooit geven? Zorg voor een super voorbereiding. We helpen je daarbij graag!

Together with your coach you will take several steps:

  1. Brainstorm

    Together you will brainstorm about what your wish to say and what has to be told during your presentation.

  2. The preparation

    After that you will determine what the goal of your presentation is and you will do an analysis of the audience. This will give you focus in choosing what and what not to say during your presentation.

  3. Structure and a storyboard

    The next step is the structure and a storyboard. Within this element, main and subsidiary issues are seperated and your presentation will be made into a gripping and coherent story.

  4. PowerPoint

    If necessary a PowerPoint will be made to support your presentation.

  5. Practise

    You will practise your final presentation for as long as necessary for you to own it completely.

1 to 1 coaching
You will take every step together with your coach to reach an optimal result. Your presentation will be rock solid and make an impression on your audience.

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“The individual coaching has helped enormously.”

The coaching is very good. In a one to one setting, we looked at my goals. This improved my presentations and has helped my own development enormously.

Marlijn Steffes, Sales Representative Medtronic

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