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Presentation techniques that work!

Our training is intended for everyone that wants to learn how to present as a professional. It may be that you do not experience any fear when speaking in front of an audience, but do you always manage to make that connection with your audience? Our training teaches you to strike the right note with your audience by keeping them intrigued, engaged and captivated.


For some presenting is an opportunity to talk about a subject close to their heart, for most it is a daunting task. Many participants that have taken part in our training tell us before the training how they lack self-confidence and wish to work on this. For some presenting is simply their biggest fear. Often this can stand in the way of growth, both in career prospects as well as business potential.

We sincerely believe that presenting is a skill that everyone can master. Despite the nerves you feel, you can learn to present as no other. And don’t worry: nearly everyone is some way or other feels a dosage of anticipation and nerves as he is about to present.

“My message comes across with more power.”

The difference is noticeable. I now present with much more composure and self-confidence. The training has helped me to have a clear focus in my presentation.

Ron de Vaan, Senior Consultant Rembrandt Corporate Finance

“The individual coaching has helped enormously.”

The coaching is very good. In a one to one setting, we looked at my goals. This improved my presentations and has helped my own development enormously.

Marlijn Steffes, Sales Representative Medtronic

“In this training I have managed to overcome my fear.”

For a long time I have had a fear of speaking in front of large audiences. After attending this training I have overcome that fear.

Wouter Kindt, Consultant interim management & executive search FinanceFactor

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