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Presentation training courses for your team

There are various alternatives for your team. We offer a number of presentation training courses. Below you will find more information about the different training courses.

The basis of a convincing presentation

2 day presentation training course with individual coaching

The basis for a convincing presentation. A convincing presentation starts by being convinced of yourself. Emanating self confidence and standing in front of a group without fear. Besides this it is important to convey your content in such a way that it strikes a chord with the audience.

  • Awareness of your own non verbal communication and how you can use this in an effective way
  • A method that allows you to prepare any presentation
  • Gaining confidence from yourself and emanating this
  • Adapting your presentation to your audience
  • A powerful beginning and ending

In this 2 day training course we focus amongst others on the non verbal communication. However interesting your content may be, if the body language is not congruent with the content, the message will not come across.

That is confronting, but good to become aware of. After 2 days you will know how to use your non verbal communication to be more convincing.

Furthermore time is spent on learning how to prepare a presentation.

We will determine what you want to achieve. What is you goal?

We will also be addressing the question of how to make sure that your carefully selected content hits home with the audience.

Sending a lot of information without wondering how it is received by the audience is the most common mistake presenters make. After this 2 day training course, you will not make that mistake because you will be equipped with a new method for future presentations.

The icing on the cake is the fact that we help you with a powerful beginning and ending of your presentation. As a flying start and a powerful ending will lift your presentation to a higher level.

“My message comes across with more power.”

The difference is noticeable. I now present with much more composure and self-confidence. The training has helped me to have a clear focus in my presentation.

Ron de Vaan, Senior Consultant Rembrandt Corporate Finance

Are you looking for an even deeper understanding?

The next step in giving an effective and convincing presentation

3 day presentation training course with individual coaching

Giving a presentation is more than just standing in front of a group and bringing across your message. It is also associating with your audience, answering questions and leading interaction. If besides this, you can also use the PowerPoint in such a way that it is audience proof, then you may call yourself an advanced speaker.

  • Everything from the 2 day course
  • Professional use of visual aids like PowerPoint and such
  • Taking the lead in a question and answer session
  • Making use of a clear structure
  • Use of language
  • Speeches

In this 3 day training course we will go one step further by giving full attention to visual aids like PowerPoint.

If PowerPoint is used in an effective way, it can be of added value in your presentation. It can even reinforce the content of your presentation. Unfortunately what we see only too often is that the PowerPoint in fact diminishes the power of the message.

Having a well structured presentation is of huge importance. This is not only pleasant for your audience but also for you as a speaker.

We help you to be more convincing by applying a clear structure as well as making good use of PowerPoint.

And of course there is the question and answer session. Interaction with your audience. For some this is the most relaxed part of the presentation for the others the most daunting. After all, what are they going to ask? Do you know all the answers? How can you make sure that you are in charge and keep control of the situation?

We teach you to preside over the question and answer session. Because we are convinced that only a good question and answer session and the right interaction will strengthen your presentation. This can make all the difference.

“The training course exceeded my expectations.”

The quality of this training course exceeded my expectations. I have been given new insights and many practical tips both for preparing a presentation as well as the presentation itself.

Renate van der Meer, Senior consultant Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames

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Become an expert in giving effective and convincing presentations

4 day presentation training course with individual coaching

You will become an expert, once you surpass yourself not only on content, but also by making use of storytelling and knowing exactly how to captivate the audience. Even critical people in your audience will not unnerve you.

  • Everything from the 3 day course
  • Rhetorical techniques
  • Dealing with very critical questions (questioners)
  • Storytelling
  • Captivating by using an attention span (building up to a climax)
  • Captivating by using techniques during your presentation

In this 4 day training course we will look into how to captivate your audience. Because even if you already have a good structure, you need to know exactly what to say when. Keeping the audience captivated is a challenge for every speaker.

Storytelling is the way to do that. If you can illustrate your message with stories, the audience will identify with your story.

We teach you how to hold the attention of your audience.

Everyone knows that sometimes there are very critical people in your audience. You want them onboard even if they are critical.

How do you deal with these critical questioners?

We also pay attention to the absorption capacity of your audience. How much can they take in? And in what way do you take this into account.

To top it all, we teach you how to make use of what we call audience orientated use of language.

Will you become an expert in how to give convincing and effective presentations? If it is up to us, you will.

“The individual coaching has helped enormously.”

The coaching is very good. In a one to one setting, we looked at my goals. This improved my presentations and has helped my own development enormously.

Marlijn Steffes, Sales Representative Medtronic

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